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If its so good to be free, would you mind telling me why I dont know what to do with myself
Written at 9:29 a.m. on Saturday, Dec. 07, 2002

Ah, I have never been so thankful to have the weekend come and wash away the events of my week.

Last night was pretty fun. After work, I met up with "MsAngelic" and we both got our hair cut. It was really starting to need it.

After that, we met "MrZingers", "MrMeatloaf" and "MrKJ" over at Chili's for happy hour. Even though all five of us were smooshed into this tiny ass booth, it was alot of fun. It was mentioned while we were there that everyone was going to "MsFlashdance"'s studio for Christmas tree trimming and then Taka-o's afterwards for some karaoke.

When we got to "MsFlashdance"'s, we had only stayed there for maybe 15 mins at best. Once we got to Taka-o's, it was pretty much decided that we werent staying. The place was packed with Marines. Which normally would have me happy, but I am just not in the mindset to even think about starting to date again. The thought...makes me sick.

So we left Taka-o's and headed off to the good "Cheers" to hang out there instead. It was much more comfortable and enjoyable. We could all sit comfortably at one table. And the wait to sing wasnt long at all.

I started getting antsy towards the end of the night. I was getting tired and was starting to fail at trying to keep my mind off of things.

I made plans to meet up with "MrZingers" and "MsAngelic" to go shopping today. I am going to a party tonight with "MrZingers" that has a 50's theme to it, so I have to find something 50'ish to wear. I have no idea what I am going to wear.

Today is also "MsTornado"'s birthday and she is also having a little party at her house. I am hoping that I can maneuver this night just right so that I can do both..."MrZingers"'s party and her party both.

I just really want to get out of the house and keep myself busy. I dont want to be thinking about things...or him. I am happy that he is gone and all, but its getting used to being alone again that is hard. I am not used to coming home alone and walking into an empty house or sleeping alone and waking up with no one there. Its a strange feeling. Eventually I will get used to it. It's gonna take some time.