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You say its your birthday...
Written at 3:26 a.m. on Sunday, Dec. 08, 2002

I am so damn tired that I will be surprised if I dont fall asleep during this entry.

Today has been a very long day for me. I met up with "MrZingers" to go shopping for some 50's clothes for the party tonight. No such luck. I couldnt find anything. 60's, 70's 80's...there were a plethora of clothes from those eras. 50's...not a damn thing. So I went as someone in the fifties...from the future. Or what I like to refer to as...myself.

The party was alot of fun. The people there were so nice and friendly. We didnt stay there too long. I still had to make it to "MsTornado"'s house for her birthday party. Now that party was...different. I had never met her father before...he's a very interesting man. Everyone was having fun or so I thought. But there was one guy there that was being kinda disrespectful to her dad. Now granted he was very drunk, but that didnt give anyone the right to disrespect him in his own house. So when things with the dad and this guy got a little out of hand, "MrZingers" and I headed for the front door.

When we got back to my apartment, we decided to swing by "Cheers" for a drink. Wasnt too bad actually. "MsAngelic" was there and "Ms2inchman" and her cousin came a little while later. At midnight it became "Ms2inchman"'s birthday so we gave her a few drinks. I celebrated three birthdays tonight overall. I met some really cool people there tonight. One girl is going to come out on Wednesday with "MrZingers"'s, "MrFireAndRain" and myself to this other place.

After "Cheers", "MrZingers" and I headed over to Denny's to grab a bite to eat. We were supposed to meet "Ms2inchman" there but she never quite made it.

So overall, the night was good. I really needed this. I thrive off of being with my friends. I felt so stifled and disconnected the past month not seeing them as often as I had. I cant say that I am not missing "MrLightening"...that would be a lie. I do miss him. Well, actually I miss what it could have been. But this too shall pass, eh?