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Written at 10:52 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 08, 2002

Another fun-filled, action packed day!

I woke up and immediately wanted to get out of the house. This attempt to get my mind off things has become futile. I cant help it.

I got up early and called and woke "MsAngelic" up and we agreed on brunch and a movie. The brunch was great, the so great. We went and saw the movie They. The only entertaining part was "MsAngelic" jumping and screaming during the movie. She is the best person to see a scary movie with.

After the movie she invited me to join her for her company Christmas party up at Universal Studios. It was a lot of fun. She works with some very nice people. There was so much to do there. We ended up bowling and watching the Lakers game. Well, I was the one watching the Lakers game. I feared that I might get lynched at any moment as I was the only one rooting for Utah in the land of the Lakers. But I will always be a Utah fan.

Today is "Ms2inchman"'s birthday. So please feel free to stop by and give her some love. I wish I had gotten a chance to see her at some point today. But we all got to ring in her birthday at midnight last its all good.

It has really helped being out and among friends this weekend. It hasnt cured it, but it sure eased it alot. I just really hate that things had to turn out this way. But such is life, eh?

I am not ready to go plunging back into another work week. But its easier knowing that in a few weeks I will be on vacation and back at home with my family. Its truly going to be bittersweet.