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Written at 8:57 a.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 10, 2002

I think I may have stepped into this parallel universe...either that, or its the ghost of Christmas past.

This morning I came into work and found a note on my desk. It just said "For Tracey" with a telephone number on it. I inquired with the person who took the message about it as it didnt have an area code on it and it didnt state whether it was personal or business. They werent able to tell me.

So I called the number and got a voicemail...and I almost fell off my chair. I think its "MrBigDaddy". I called the number back three or four times to be certain and I am pretty sure it is him.

What does he want? Did he hear me talking about dysfunctional relationships and come hopping out of the woodwork to stand as my example? What? What could he possibly want?

So I didnt leave a message on his voicemail, instead I left a numeric page with my cell phone number. I am just curious...what does he want?!?