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Bring your sister if you cant...handle it
Written at 11:33 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 14, 2002

Well, tonight was interesting to say the least.

I went, as mentioned earlier, to a party with "MsMoHoney" in Long Beach. For some reason as we were driving through there, I started thinking about "MrLightening" and the time he brought me up there to Joe Jost's for drinks. But I quickly put any thought of him out of my head.

The party was nice. I didnt know a soul there, but everyone was very nice. We didnt stay very long.

On the way back down, "Ms2inchman" called me to see if we would meet her and her boyfriend at "Cheers". Sounded like a good idea at the time. Upon pulling up and getting to the door, I was greeted by "Ms2inchman" who was about to call me and warn me that "MrLightening"'s sister was inside "Cheers". Again, I didnt know whether to run or play dead. Her boyfriend, "MrComicBook" gave me a hug and told me not to sweat it, that I was among friends and that nothing was going to happen. It wasnt the fact that she was there that took my breath away, it was the thought that maybe "MrLightening" himself was in there. No one could confirm or deny that for me.

So I walked inside and I was shaking like a leaf. I didnt know what I was walking in to. What if he was there? Would he pretend I wasnt there and just leave me alone or would he try to cause a big scene? I didnt know what he would do if he saw me. And that scared me, but "MrComicBook" was right, I was among friends and felt comforted by that.

But thankfully enough, he wasnt there. That was such a big relief to me. I was able to enjoy myself and not have to worry about an ambush. I ran into "MrCompliments" there and we talked for a while. He is such a nice guy. We talked about meeting for coffee sometime soon. There is no interest on either part there, just the prospect of a blossoming friendship.

"MsMoHoney" has to get up early tomorrow for work, so we decided not to stay, which was fine by me. I mentally had my full for the night. So I tried to pay my tab and get out of there, but it took longer than I had hoped. I passed by "MrLightening"'s sister (who we will call "MsBodysuit" for reasons that are apparent for anyone who has seen her) a few times while waiting. One when I had passed her, I said "hello" and she just kind of threw me a nasty look back. Whatever.

I am so over all the bullshit that came along with him. I am sure she, by sibling nature, is standing on his side...which is completely fine with me. I would only expect her to. She never heard him yelling at me or threatening to destroy my house if I call the police to have him removed...she only heard what he told her which I am sure it is something like how he was the victim here and I am psycho. If it keeps him away from me, I will claim insanity to the fullest extent of the definition. I just want him out of my life.

So I am hoping that she doesnt mention that she saw me there tonight, but I am sure that she will. I just want to put that whole miserable experience behind me and not think about it or have to worry about him coming back. He's just that crazy.

On the way in from the car, "MsMoHoney" reiterated again her dislike for him and hopes that I never have to see him again. Me too. She also said that he is not welcome in our house. Ah-DUH!

With that, as stated before, I am mentally exhausted and desperately must sleep this night off.