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Just leave me alone...
Written at 3:54 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 17, 2002

Okay, I may not want the week to fly by, but this day sure can. EEK! I just want to scream.

I am so glad that I am getting two nice long weeks off work. I definitely need it.

Picture this would ya, I have a nice big office that accomodates three people. There is only one other girl that works in here besides me...and she has been off work with the flu for over a week now. Yeah, tis the season.

Anyway...stretch your imagination a little further for me. Imagine one desk covered with faxes that need to be translated into orders, beside the faxes there are three returns from customers that need to be checked in. On my desk, I have a huge pile of orders that need to be billed yet. Sounds like alot, huh?

It is. All of that needs to be done as well as the phones being answered when people call in.

Well, I am certainly doing my best to get it all done as quickly as I can. Sometimes it doesnt happen.

So as I am busting my ass to get everything done, what I dont need is someone coming to me and saying that the faxes have to be done right away and shouldnt sit there all day (when in real life time, they were only there an hour)...AND THEN, when I begin to work on the faxes to appease the "higher-ups", I dont need someone (by someone I mean the same person) coming to me and now bitching that the billing is not getting done because I am working on faxes.

Ummm, yeah, press release...I AM ONLY ONE FUCKING PERSON...which means I am only capable of doing one thing at a time.

Ahh, venting feels good!