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Dream on, dream on...
Written at 10:27 a.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 18, 2002

Last night was relaxing. I didnt go anywhere and I didnt do anything.

I waited for "MrBigDaddy" to call me on his way back down from his friend's house. He said he was coming over instead of going home.

When he finally got there, we had a few drinks. Kinda like a night cap, because that is what it did to me...fifteen minutes later I had passed out.

I woke up this morning and asked him if I passed out last night. He told me yes. He said we were talking and next thing he knows I am out cold. I fell asleep in mid-conversation. That is so very unlike me. Movies, yes. Conversation, no.

So anyway, today I really should finish up my Christmas shopping. Its all the little things I have left to get. I hope I can fit it all in my suitcases.

Last night I had a horrible dream about my trip. I dreamt I was about to board the plane, except it wasnt a regular jet plane, it was one of those little Cesna planes. I was hesitant about getting on it, but I did. And I just kept having this feeling that the plane was going to crash. I am not sure if it did or not, because my dream flashed over to something else and I started dreaming of "Ms2inchman" crying. Dont know what that was about. Hmm.

No one ever said I made sense.