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I feel the earth move under my feet, I feel the sky tumbling down...
Written at 5:57 a.m. on Saturday, Jan. 04, 2003

What the hell am I doing up so early? I will get to that.

I flew back in yesterday. My first flight was long, but comfortable. On my second flight I arrived on the plane to find some older man sitting in my seat. He told me that he indeed had the wrong seat, but he was the window seat across the aisle and wondered if we could switch. So I did. Then about 5 minutes later, two kids come up and took the two seats next to me. They were about 6 (girl) and 8 (boy) years old.

They were both cute little kids. UNTIL about 45 minutes into the flight when these kids turned into little monsters. They broke the headphones...on purpose. They kept hitting and kicking each other. The flight attendants finally said something...about 5 minutes before we landed. She asked where the kids' parents were...I said they were up somewhere in first class. So two minutes before we landed the girl was put up in first class with her mother and the father came back and sat with us. The whole time I am looking at the older man in MY seat and am thinking to myself "This is supposed to be you sitting here with these two monsters, but no, you are over there where its quiet with an empty seat between you and the lady on the aisle...YOU ARE IN MY SEAT, MAN!"

Then to make matter worse, I tried to open my bag of pistaccios (sp?) but instead the bag ripped and they went flying for rows. It was literally like something out of a movie. I watched them fly and they were hitting people for rows. But the good part here was, I looked around and no one saw it was me so I said "See, I told you these kids were monsters". Tee hee!

I finally landed and was kid free. "MsAngelic" was kind enough to come pick me up from the airport. I had broke a nail back in Denver, so we decided to go get our nails done. Although, the man that did them thought he should sand-blast my skin while he was at it. It would have been less painful to deal with the broken nail then to have him rip my skin up.

"MrBigDaddy" called while we were there. He said he was getting off work early and would be at the house as soon as he got off. I wanted the night to be nice, so I went with "MsAngelic" to the store and picked up a bottle of After Shock. I dont do shots, but those I can do. So as I waited for him to come, I decided to take a shot...and another...and another. By the time he got here, I was looped. Then once he got here, I took three more shots. He warned me not to take them, but I dont listen to people sometimes.

I should have listened. I passed out about five minutes into a movie I had put in. Then I woke up at 4-something feeling like the world had fallen on my head...and my stomache wasnt feeling much better than my head. UGH! What have I done. I'll tell you what I have done...I drank half the damn bottle...and its like 80 proof!

So he got up and headed off to work a little bit ago. He was moaning that he had to go to work. I would trade him in a heartbeat! Hangovers suck!

Moral of the story is...listen to someone when they tell you that you need to slow down on the shots and that any minute its going to hit you like a ton of bricks. It hit alright. Man!

I dont recall everything that happened or was said last night, but I do think I remember something important that he told me. Gawd, I hope the alcohol made me dilusional and that wasnt really said. Will have to check into it and get back to you on that.

Boy 'o boy, its good to be home!