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Written at 9:22 a.m. on Monday, Jan. 13, 2003

Yesterday was so what I needed. Just me, "MsMoHoney", four bottles of Boone's Farm and old Roswell episodes. It was great!

Sometime during the shows, her boyfriend stopped by to drop something off for her. So I figured it would be a good time for me to go color my hair. Somewhere on the box it should say "Do not attempt this at home alone if you are under the influence of alcohol". Or maybe I am the only one stupid enough to to attempt it.

Either way, I did. And got half of it in the sink as I was mixing it together. As I had it sitting on my hair I heard a knock on the bedroom door. It was "MrBigDaddy". I cracked open the door, looked at him drunker than drunk and said "Who let you in"? I think he took it the wrong way. Either way, he was laughing at my state of impairment.

So when I got into the shower, I told him if he heard a large bang to please come in...that meant that I had fallen. The funny thing is that I accidentally dropped the shampoo bottle and was laughing so hard that I almost really did fall. OK, NO MORE ALCOHOL FOR ME!

Later on we were talking about apartments. He kinda threw me back when he said that he wanted a place for us with an extra bedroom for when his kids come over. I mentioned us doing that over a year ago, when we together before. I guess its not "Be careful what you wish for it just might come true"...its more like "Be careful what you agree to, you just might get taken up on it". I didnt really say anything back to him about it.

Then to make matters worse, "MrLightening" called this morning. Apparently, he went to Mexico for the weekend. So I nicely asked him this morning "Do you have a girlfriend"? He said, without hesitation, NO. Then I said "That's right, remember that". Then he tried to plead his case saying that he thought I meant other than me. Other than me, including me...either way he doesnt have a girlfriend. He wants to talk later...I will listen, but I dont really have anything to say.

"Every passing moment is a second chance to turn it all around"~Sophia (Vanilla Sky)