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Check your weapons at the door, you dont live here anymore...
Written at 10:25 a.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2003

Lately when I do something to spite someone else, I am the one who pays dearly for it.

Last night I decided to kick back and have a drink and talk on the phone with "MrZingers" while waiting for "MrBigDaddy" to get home.

I am no mathmatical genius by any means, but when someone calls you at 8:41 and says that they are on their way to a friend's house that is 15 mins away and they tell me that they plan to only stay there for 30 mins...their ass should have been home shortly before ten...not waltzing in a little after midnight.

Talking to "MrZingers" didnt get me feeling any better about it all. So I had a few shots of AfterShock and a beer or two...I think. Things started to get a little hazy after a while. But "MrZingers" stayed on the phone and talked to me...for like 3 hours.

I was a little upset when he came in. But, the passive person I am let it all slide. I have such a hard time confronting the right people. And I should have confronted him. Later on, I couldnt find my cell phone. So I had to use his to call mine to find out where it was. Somehow, gee I wonder how, I accidentally (oopsie) stumbled into his call history on his cell phone. At 8:19, he called his ex. Why? What is that about?

So I pretty much just said "Here's your blanket, I am going to bed" and I rolled over and passed out.

I woke up this morning feeling really bad. But I had already made plans to drop off my car at the auto body shop and pick up the rental car. It took forever to get everything done. The rental car is nice. I am thinking about buying it. It was just delivered to their lot today...brand new...only 28 miles on it. Sweet!

Well, my day just got worse. I was sitting here and all of the sudden "MsBrightEyes" starts blowing up my cell phone. 5 calls total. It seems she ran into "MrBigDaddy" at some fast food place...with his ex (the first ex).

I wasnt worried until she told me that his ex was smacking his ass. Then to make matters worse, she walked over to his table to say hi. She asked him if he had seen me recently and he said no, but he should see me tonight. Well, that isnt going to happen, because all of his stuff is going to be boxed and waiting for him. If he needs me, I will be hanging out...with my ex.

See, this is why I didnt want the chair. One more thing to pack up when its time to go. And I know if I asked him about it, I would get some lame ass excuse like his ex would get when he was with me. I dont even want to hear it. ONCE A CHEATER, ALWAYS A CHEATER!