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Written at 9:06 a.m. on Thursday, Jan. 16, 2003

I almost forgot...Tuesday I got a call from "MrDiamond" while I was at work. I asked if I could call him right back and he said "Just look out your window".

He had a job interview two buildings over from where I work and he thought he would stop by afterwards. So I went outside to talk to him for a few minutes. The good news is...he got married a few weeks ago in Las Vegas with the girl he has been living with for a while now. Bad news is...he was my back-up plan.

In a conversation a while back he told me that if I wasnt married by 30, that he would marry me. I guess now its just me, my house on the corner and 50 cats. Good thing I didnt really take him seriously.

Oh, and he did get that job near me. So we are going to start meeting for lunch occasionally.

Last night I watched the best movie...The Last Castle. "MrBigDaddy" was out shopping again and bought another movie. We also went out for dinner. It was a nice night overall.

This morning he told me that today is the day he finds out what happens to his kids. Its a very bad situation. So, sometime today I will find out if we are taking them. He is being very emotionless about it all. What can I do but stand behind him on it?

He doesnt think (or want to accept) that we will have to take them. He asked me this morning what we would do with a 5 yr old and a 3 yr old running around. I told him we would just have to make do with bad situation.

We'll see what happens...