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All we are give Peace a chance
Written at 9:16 a.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2003

Sometimes I just want to run away from home. I think I am far too old to be contemplating that, but I cant help it.

All I really want is a little peace. Just a little bit would do.

I went to work feeling sick yesterday. I had a sore throat and my chest was hurting. When I came home, I wasnt feeling a whole lot better.

So "MrBigDaddy" and I decided that we were just going to order a pizza and watch movies all night. About five minutes into the movie, his cell phone rings. And I am watching it ring. Finally I asked if he was going to answer it. And he did.

It was his ex. She was calling to find out what his plans were for tomorrow (today) because they need to take care of something regarding their daughter. Its a big mess that I cant even begin to get into.

So she's yelling, which gets him yelling. Meanwhile, I am just sitting on the sofa sick just wanting a little peace.

Then I go out front with him to have a cigarette. Him, not me. Remember, I am still sick. And I look up at our kitchen window and there is crap all over it. He thinks its on the inside and I think its on the outside. Well, when I touched it, I confirmed my theory to be correct. Now I am thinking, "I just touched this and its gooey...what the hell is it?" So I quickly go inside and wash my hands.

So we went back to the movie. We watched Friday for like the four hundredth time. Thankfully I really like that movie. "MsMoHoney" and her brother came home and sat out there and watched it with us.

There was one part of the movie her brother starts telling us a story about filling something with something and throwing it somewhere. I wasnt really listening. So to indulge him I asked where this was at. He then says outside. My jaw just dropped. I started thinking about it for a second....then I said "So you are responsible for all that gooey shit outside?" He just laughs. Yeah hee hee, "Well I better see your ass outside tomorrow with some paper towels and a bottle of windex."

I am by no means this boy's mother...or his sister. But the fact still remains that I live here. I pay rent here. I dont live alone so I dont expect it to be quiet all the time. But my GAWD, he is forever going in and out the front door and playing his guitar on the front porch like he's giving a MTV UnPlugged concert to the whole neighborhood. And no one says anything about it.

When we first moved in, "MsMoHoney" told me that he would be here alot. Then one day he moved in...then one day he was gone again for a while...but then he came back.

When he came back, she said that in February he was going to be going to some school and living there. So I was more able to tolerate it because I knew soon he would be gone. Then the other day, I asked how the school thing was going. She told me that because her older brother was the one taking care of this and he just got shipped off to Iraq, that things were on hold for now. She probably wouldnt have told me if I hadnt asked.

I love her to death, but I didnt sign on for all this. I know I have someone living with me so it isnt fair to complain. BUT, "MrBigDaddy" helps out around the house and we are in my room most of the time. He isnt bringing his friends over and going in and out the front door every five seconds.

PEACE I say...a little peace is all I want.