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Dont stand so close to me...
Written at 10:47 a.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2003

I am so stoked. I got a call from the auto body place that has been working on my car. Seems they just might be done in the next day or two. That is a week earlier than they estimated it to take.

I will be glad to get my own car back. Even though I have been driving around in a brand new car for two weeks and putting miles on someone else's car, its just that...its someone else's car. I want my car back.

I have been so paranoid driving around in this rental car. Its And it didnt help my blood pressure when I came out to get into the car this morning and some nit-wit had parked on an angle leaving only about 4 inches between our cars. I had to get in on the passanger's side and climb over. Thankfully the person who parked on my passanger's side had left 6 inches instead of 4. I hate these midget parking spaces in my apartment complex. Not everyone drives a Yugo.

I am hoping that the return of my car will bring about the safe return of my social life. Because I havent been out in a loooooong time and I am going stir crazy. My friends are starting to think I am being held against my will at home because its so unlike me to be home this much.

(gasping)Must...get...out...of house...cant...breathe.