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And I scream from the top of my lungs what's goin' on
Written at 11:22 a.m. on Tuesday, Apr. 01, 2003

Have you ever had one of those days where no matter what you do or say, nothing seems to go right? Yeah, well for me that day would be today.

First, it started with the cold shoulder I got at home this morning. He just came in and fell right to sleep. Usually when I say I am heading out he sits up and gives me a kiss goodbye. This morning he just said Okay, see you later and went back to sleep.

I dont feel like I did anything wrong. I talked with him about it before I did anything. I told him that his opinion on this matters. I told him that we didnt have to do this if he didnt want to. So he has no one to be mad at except himself.

Then, I come to work and get settled in. I called "MsMoHoney" to double check the dates with her as to when she is moving out and when the new girl is moving in. Because what is happening is I am fronting the entire rent for this month (all $1330) until she moves in on Saturday. And I am not really liking that too much. Thankfully, the check for rent shouldnt clear before she gets there saturday morning with her share of it. And beleive me, I will be running to the bank with that.

Then I casually asked "MsMoHoney" if she would still be moving tomorrow even if she didnt have this new girl moving in. Because I was under the impression that she would be moving until May 1st. She said No I wouldnt be, I wouldnt just leave you high and dry...but that's just having to prove to you again.

I am sure anyone else would have asked the same thing. I was just curious. I didnt know if this all was a sudden spur of the moment thing or if she had already had the apartment lined up and coincidentally her friend was able to take it. I will admit here that I am in the wrong.

I have a way of doing that...letting my asumptions take me on a trip. And usually I am wrong and just read way into things. Like this morning, he might not be giving me the cold shoulder at all. Its quite possible that he was just asleep and mumbling back not knowing what was going on or what he was saying. That's happened before.

But the real icing on this crumb cake called life came when I was having my Slim Fast this morning. This is the third time in two weeks that I have gotten halfway through it and found a damn bug in it. Thankfully, I dont drink things directly out of the can or I wouldnt have seen it. I always pour it into another cup and drink it from that. Just yet another neurotic thing that I do.

The fact still remains...I am so done with this day.