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Say that you'll stay...forever this way
Written at 1:37 a.m. on Monday, Apr. 07, 2003

I finally did a little living this weekend...and it was great!

Yesterday was awesome. I spent the majority of the day out shopping with "MrBigDaddy" and had lunch with him. We have really had a great weekend together. Lots of fun...and no arguing.

Things are definitely getting alot better between us. He told me that he doesnt like this city and that when our six month lease is up here, he wants to look into renting a house in another city. That makes me feel alot better, because that at least tells me that I am included in his future and that he can see us still being together a little down the road.

I have become alot more secure in this relationship. I had to let go of alot of bad stuff in order to have this breakthrough. I had to stop holding against him all the anger I have been carrying with me from the first time we were together. Its will eat you up inside.

So last night I went out again. I met up with "Ms2inchman" and her boyfriend at "Cheers". We were also joined by a few other friends. A good time was had by all. After the bar closed, four of us went to Denny's. We sat there talking for about two hours. No one wanted to go home and go to sleep, yet no one wanted to sit in Denny's any longer. I volunteered my place.

The four of us came back here and watched Friday After Next. Finally at about 5 am, I looked at the clock and thought Shit, I didnt set the clocks ahead so its really 6 am. "MrBigDaddy" will be getting off work right about now. So I had to get everyone out quickly.

I couldnt get them to understand how angry he would be if he came home at 6 am and saw two guys in our living room. I explained how angry I would be if the tables were turned and I came home to find two girls sitting in our living room. Yeah, that wouldnt fly very well with me. So they left.

When he came home, he was able to stay up for a little while so we could sit and talk. When he went to sleep, I went out with "MsRinglets". We went and had lunch and just sat there talking for a while. She really is a neat person to sit and talk to.

When I got home, he was awake and wanted to go shopping. The man is worse than me when it comes to that. You'd be surprised by some of the crap he came home with tonight. Thankfully, there werent any clocks.

We just kicked back for a while watching the movie that he bought. I got a little too comfortable with my head on his chest and I fell asleep. That was from the lack of sleep I got from the night before.

When he left for work tonight, I quickly threw on some clothes and went back to "Cheers". "MsBoobsalot" had called me yesterday and wanted to meet up there tonight. Finally after he lagging for quite some time, she finally showed up. "Ms2inchman", "MsTornado", "MsRinglets", "MrJiggy"...pretty much everyone was there.

Surprisingly enough, "MrSkinSoSoft" was there tonight. I am not even sure if he recognized me or not. It wouldnt hurt my feelings if he didnt.

There were so many people there that I hadnt seen in a long time. It was a really good night. Drama-free thank you. Mainly because I have learned not to divulge when I go out and where I am going. It makes my life more peaceful when I dont.

So I came home tonight feeling very fullfilled with my weekend. I had gotten out and did something for a change. And it was just...sweet. I really needed it.

Although, I think I am going to be hating life in the morning when 7 am rolls around.