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Just down the street from your hotel, baby, I stay at home with my disease
Written at 9:41 a.m. on Tuesday, Apr. 08, 2003

I finally broke down yesterday afternoon and called my doctor. I would rather come off as being neurotic than to get really sick.

I talked to the nurse. I explained the situation to her and asked her how concerned I should be about this. She put me on hold for a moment, then came back and said Very. Great, just another thing for me to obsess over.

I asked what I should look for if I am to get this. She told me to go to the hospital if I get chest pains or a fever. Basically, there is nothing I can do but wait it out and see.

I have decided to put it out of my mind for the time being. If I worry about it, I will make my self sick about it. So I keep telling myself You are fine, Tracey. You will be just fine. Nothing will happen to you. Lets see if that works.

After work yesterday I went to the grocery store. I bought one of everything that said Lysol or anti-bacterial on it. Cant be too careful. I just cant get sick.

I have decided that I will be her friend...over the phone. Its not worth it. I am not saying that she isnt worth it. Well, yes I am. No one is worth putting my health at serious risk for. That's not to mean that I am going to freak out every time one of my friends catch a cold or something. But yeah, if you have some kind of staph infection...I wont be anywhere near your ass.

Everyone I talk to about this wonders why she isnt quartantined. She should be. If you have something that other people can catch just by being around you, you need to keep your ass at home. And I am not the only one who can catch this. My immune system makes me more succeptible to it, but anyone can get this.

So for a little while I am going to be a hermit and stay home. I could use the time to get some things done around the house. "MsMoHoney" is moving out in a week or two, so I can help her with things.

It wont be that bad.