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Blame it on the rain...
Written at 9:49 a.m. on Monday, Apr. 14, 2003

Ok, two things...

First, I have worked at this company for almost 9 years now. 9 years! And today is the first time the smell has ever bothered me. Its giving me a nasty headache.

Also, did you know that firefighters are cute. I mean, really cute. I have three of them floating through my building right now. And they may just very well be what I need to get rid of this headache.

Its raining here today. Pouring actually. But I dont really mind. I kinda like the rain. Maybe because it almost never rains here and that is one of the things that I miss about home. Its beautiful when it rains there.

So yeah, another weekend come and gone...and nothing eventful happened. Yesterday when he came home in the morning, I told him that sometime during the day we would have to make it over to the rental office. "MsMoHoney" has been written off the lease and I needed to get him on it.

He slept for most of the day. Finally, I got bored and hungry and went out to pick up lunch. When I came back, (big surprise!) he was still sleeping. I tried to wake him up. I told him that I had lunch so we could eat and then go to the rental office. He turned into the Exorcist when I tried to wake him up. I calmly explained that when we get back he is more than welcome to sleep for the rest of the day. He snapped at me I am more than welcome to sleep the rest of the day anyway. Yeah, he's becoming quite the smartass. He's lucky, because I was so pissed I could have kicked him.

We finally make it down there to sign the papers. The guy there told us that he would have to pay $30 and have his credit report ran. There's no reason why he should have to do all that just to be added to the lease. Its not like we are applying for an apartment, we already have it. So it turned into this big ordeal and we left with the paperwork and didnt really get any further than we had when we walked in there.

He told me that he knows he wont pass the credit check. So why fill it out and pay the $30 when he knows it will be a waste. Then he asks if we still have lunch. I swear sometimes he is totally oblivious. Yeah, we do. But dont thank me for it, just yell at me for waking you up. Then try to hug me later on to make it all better.

Then as we were eating, the smartass in him came back. I had finished and still had over half of it left over. And that was an intro for him. Why dont you eat...(picks up chip)I am full too, I had two chips...I think I ate too much, no dinner for me tonight. I told him that he's only going to get away with saying that kind of stuff one more time. So he had better use it carefully, maybe save it for a rainy day or something. Its not really funny to me. I am busting my ass to lose weight and he thinks it's a joke. It's funny because its working, but if it were the other way around and I was gaining alot, yeah, it wouldnt be so damn funny then.

Is this how it's going to be? Are all men like this? GAWD, I hope not!