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I would walk 500 miles and I would walk 500 more
Written at 12:55 p.m. on Thursday, Apr. 17, 2003

Further proof that in reality...I really am alone...

I have spent the better portion of my morning exchanging sexual favors for cable tv. Ok, not really...but I have been busting my ass trying to get it hooked up.

I have been without cable for almost a year now. A YEAR! And renting and buying movies only takes you so far. I have a 52" big screen that just sits in the living room unused because you cant watch anything but dvd's on it. That was a waste of the $3,000 that I am still paying on.

So today I was ready to sell my soul if I had to. Which it appears that not only did I not have to, but I could have had cable a year ago when I moved into this apartment.

I spent a good hour on the phone with the nice phone/cable guy who told me that I could get cable hooked up as early as tomorrow between 3-5 pm. Nice! Then I inquired about their internet service. Because lets face it, dial-up really sucks. I have become spoiled with the service we have at work. So that, too, will be taken care of tomorrow between 3-5 pm as well.

Yeah, back to me being alone in this cruel, cruel world. I started thinking to myself Hey Tracey, who's gonna be at the house tomorrow between 3-5? Oh, I suppose I'll just ask "MrBigDaddy" if he can be sure to be home tomorrow between 3-5. I think I'll just call him right now and see. I then proceed to pick up my cell phone and dial his number. The phone rings 5 times before his voicemail picks up. (Arent I painting just the most vivid picture for you or what) So, I then decide to just leave a message...

Hey its me, just calling to let you know that I called the cable company and they can be out here tomorrow to hook it up. And someone else is going to come to hook up the internet service I ordered as well. So the reason why I am calling is to find out if you can be home tomorrow between 3 and 5 for me. It would be really great if you could that way I dont have to take off work for two hours when they will probably show up at 5 mins til 5 anyway. And you are normally home...but oh, tomorrow is friday and you do all that running around stuff like going to the bank and what not. So, if you could evaluate your situation for tomorrow and let me know, that would be great. The reason I am calling you now instead of waiting until I get home is because I would like to know by the time I leave work today so I know if I have to ask for time off tomorrow or not. So, please, try to call me back before 5 today if you can. I dont even know why you have a cell never answer it. You having a cell phone doesnt make it any easier getting a hold of you than if you were to not have a cell phone. Anyway, just please call me as soon as you get this. Thanks!

Now, upon getting off the phone and listening to some feedback provided by a few co-workers that overheard that message, I found out a couple of things about my message that I hadnt realized. One, I was speaking way too fast...that whole message took about 10 seconds for me to say. Two, I was very repetative in what I was saying. I said every detail at least twice. And, third (and lastly), I got a little mean (aggressive) towards the end of the message.

It appears that I may have had way too many energy boosting supplements today. I probably should go outside a use up some of this energy by walking around the business park.