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Take out the papers and the trash...
Written at 8:52 a.m. on Thursday, Apr. 17, 2003

Last night was my first night in the house alone. I mean, I have had nights alone in the house, but last night I knew that no one was coming home.

At first it was okay. I kicked back and watched tv. But that got old really quickly. I ran out to get something to eat (finally at 8:30) and attempted to stop by "MsMoHoney"'s new apartment. No one answered though.

Its kinda weird that she wont be living here anymore. Her room is almost empty. I think it will definitely help our friendship by not living under the same roof.

Its time for me to get my house back in shape. Its severely been neglected as far as upkeep. This morning I carried four big bags of trash to the dumpster. FOUR BAGS! No one should have four bags worth of trash sitting around their house. I tell you, its his damn beer bottles. He always gets so close to the trash can, but always misses by a foot. Then they end up sitting on the table until I come by and throw it away. Then I get mad and I look like the bad guy because I start yelling about it when really, if he had just thrown them away in the first place it would save us both the headache.

I dont know if I'm ready to live with a guy again. I kinda like the toilet paper on the roll and the toilet seat down. I have become accustomed to the scent of potpourri in the air...not parfum de la Heineken. I'll just post a sign in the kitchen Your mother doesnt work here...throw your trash away and do your own damn dishes.

So today at work, I am prepared. I went to the store this morning and bought a coffee, a Red Bull and a bag of trail mix. Just in case. Which figures that the one day I go out and buy something to keep here, is the day my boss decides to stock the kitchen with all kinds of cupcakes and cookies and crap. The only thing in there I would touch is the strawberries. I dont like cookies and I hate chocolate. I know how unbelievable that sounds. So on Easter and Halloween I'm not pigging out on sweets.

This morning I was talking to Uncle/boss and he was telling me about the possibility of our company moving. They are just paying too much rent on this space for the size they are getting. Its in the tens of thousands of dollars a month (I think he said 15,000). That's insane.

So they're looking at area near the Spectrum. I hope so. Not only will it be a mile or two from my house, but there is so much nearby. There are so many stores and restaurants at the Spectrum. I'll be spending my lunches over at Dave & Buster's.

Overall, today is going alot better than yesterday. Although, I am not even two hours into my day yet. But I will continue to think positive.