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You walked out that door I swore that I didnt care
Written at 2:08 p.m. on Monday, Apr. 21, 2003

Have you ever had one of those days where you just dont care about anything? No matter what happens you just shrug your shoulders and think to yourself Oh, well. Today is that day for me.

I really dont care. I dont care about the mound of paperwork sitting on my desk that needs to be done. Or that over the last few days my legs have started to go numb again. Or that I cant seem to shake this headache that I have had for 5 days straight. Or that someone who I considered to be a close friend, confided in another friend that she doesnt know if she wants to be my friend anymore.

To all of those things, all I can say is Eh, whatever. There really isnt anything I can do about any of them, so why stress about trying.

My legs will eventually snap out of it. Its all about being patient until then. Worrying only makes it worse.

The headache will either go away or kill me. Either way, it works for me. I'm all about looking on the bright side of every possible outcome.

The friend thing. Well, that will be what it is. I cant help it if I dont go to every social get together. 9 times out of 10 its because I didnt feel well enough to go. It isnt because I didnt want to go.

Also, if you call me and ask me to go somewhere with you and I say I cant...that isnt flaking on you. Flaking on you would be if I had plans with you and cancelled them. Which didnt happen. I cant seem to stress the difference enough.

Again, I have just grown the I dont care attitude. I know that's sad to say, but its true.

Do they have a pill for this?