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Mr telephone man, there's something wrong with my line
Written at 4:16 p.m. on Tuesday, Apr. 22, 2003

I tell ya...when it rains, it doesnt just floods.

Every afternoon, I call home to check my messages before I leave work. Well, today I got a pleasant (ok, maybe a not so pleasant) surprise.

(phone rings)

Man: Hola!

Me: Umm, hi...who's this?

Man: Who are you looking for?

Me: No one...I just called my telephone number and you answered. Is this 555-5555?

Man: Yes, it is.

Me: That's kinda funny. That's my number. When did you get this number?

Man: Today.

Me: Interesting...ok, thanks.

So I called the phone company...

Me: Hi, I called my home phone number and a spanish speaking man answered the phone.

Phone lady: Umm, ok.

Me: The problem with this is that I dont have a spanish speaking person at my house. Apparently, my phone number has been given to someone else.

Phone lady: That's impossible.

Me: It may be, but I know I just called my house and he answered the phone. That's possible enough for me.

Phone lady: Let me put you on hold while I check your account.

(after being left on hold for what felt like forever)

Phone lady: Yes, it appears we accidentally gave your number away. We're trying to contact the man we gave it to and let him know we will reissue him another number and give you yours back. Sorry about that.

For something that's supposed to be better call Ripley's because it happened.