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Written at 1:01 p.m. on Thursday, May. 01, 2003

It's funny sometimes how things work.

I went down to the shopping center near my work to pick up something for lunch. I had been driving along just thinking about things and how upset I am that things had to be like this.

Then as I'm walking up to the curb, I hear Well, look who it is. I better not talk to you or I might get fired. And I look up and its our old UPS driver from when we were at our other location four years ago.

We stood there talking for about 5 mins. He was there making his deliveries. He was talking about one of our regular drivers who got fired. For the life of me, I couldnt recall who he was talking about. I dont have anything to do with what goes on back there. I sit up in my nice office away from all that crap.

So he was trying to describe the guy to me. It still wasnt coming back to me. Then he said He's about, oh, the height of your boyfriend, what's his face...if he's still your boyfriend. Why no, no he's not. I quickly set him straight on that one. Oh, so you arent together anymore. Nope. Are you wanting to apply for the position. It's just recently become available again. Although, I have no guts so I didnt say it. But I thought it in my head.

The thing about him is that he, too, looks alot like "MrBigDaddy". Maybe "MrDiamond" was right, all of my men do look eerily cloned versions of each other with small differences. But the UPS guy is older, more mature, stable...and judging by the ring no longer on his finger, I'm hoping single as well.

Its very strange, because as I was talking to him I started realizing exactly how quick I could get over "MrBigDaddy" if the right person came along. And if its the UPS guy...all the more better!