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Written at 1:18 p.m. on Friday, May. 02, 2003


I have been sitting here at my des for about 30 mins now with the aching desire to rip into my leg and pull out the muscle right above the inner part of my ankle.

For some unseen reason it has started twitching. Which is strange because that part of my leg is still numb. And I dont mean a slight butterfly-like twitching...I mean full on banging heartbeat-like pounding. Its driving me crazy. And I dont know what I can do to make it stop, because I'm finding it really hard to sit here without just wanting to go mental.

And what's worse is, I found an old perscription (being as I practically have a pharmacy here) but its expired and I dont have any refills on it. Also, by the time I get off work and get to the pharmacy to pick it up, the twitch will have more than likely gone away. I need immediate action here. Instant results!

So I'm left here spraying some shitty-ass spray topical anesthesia on it. Not only does it smell real badly...but it really isnt helping much.

On the brighter side of my afternoon, I went down to the shopping center to go to the bank. My UPS guy was there making deliveries. I felt like such a stalker...but, GAWD those shit-brown uniforms have never looked better.

Oh, and "MsAngelic"...our yoga class is 6-7:15. I just didnt feel like rifling through here to get to your notes.