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I'm walking on sunshine...yeah
Written at 10:19 a.m. on Wednesday, May. 07, 2003

This day is going exceptionally well for me so far.

I just got off the phone with one of my credit card companies. I'm really starting to make some progress on getting them paid off. Most of the card companies are willing to make me offers...very good offers. The company that I talked to this morning made me a great offer. I owe them $2200, but they are willing to let me pay $1500 as a payoff. I'd save $700.

I am determined to get these cards paid off. If it kills me, which I'm pretty sure it will, I am gonna do it. But if I can pay them off and save money, I want to do that too. I'm about halfway there.

Last night I got a call from "Ms2inchman". She's gonna be an auntie today...if she isnt already. Her sister went into labor last night. I'm excited for them...a little girl. She's gonna be a great mommy.

This morning I was still sleeping when he came home. Lately he's been coming home and crawling into bed with me. I wake up to find his arm around me and I feel I know that sounds awfully mushy and cheesy. So I'll stop now.

The only low point of my day is thinking about "MrZingers". When he came over sunday night, he told me that he'll be moving back to Colorado within the next two weeks. I hate the thought of him moving, but I know he'll be more happy there. His family is there and he'll be better off financially. California just sucks you dry of every penny you have. Its too expensive to live here.

So we talked about going out tonight. I want to spend some time with him before he leaves. I am so bad with good-bye's. I never could do them without breaking down in tears.

So that's the ups and downs to my day so far. For once, there's more ups.

Ahh, about time.