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Written at 10:05 p.m. on Tuesday, May. 06, 2003

One of you should have taken me up on that ten dollar bet.

I came home tonight and the bottles are no longer in the kitchen. Nope, they have since then made their way to the front door.

There's a box at the front door with all of the bottles in it. I can only wonder how long that is going to sit there for.

Things between us have gotten a million and one times better than they were before. I think me telling him that he should move out really kicked him in the ass. At least it got him moving.

He has been putting alot more effort into this relationship lately. And it proves my theory. I've always complained about him sleeping the entire night away. Well, since he's been putting alot more effort into everything, I'm not as upset about him sleeping as I was before.

I only hope that he can keep it up this way. *crossing fingers* I hope he doesnt let me down.

His birthday is in a few weeks and I'm having trouble thinking of something to get him. He really doesnt have much so you would think this would be easy. I'm horrible with getting gifts for men. Every birthday, every Christmas...I'm left pondering for the men. Women are easy...we love everything.

I have three weeks to think of something. I just want it to be really good. Its not about the money either. I'm sure something will come to me at the last minute.

I'm exhausted and promised myself that I would go to bed early tonight. Now whether that happens or not is another thing. There's so many good things to watch on tv tonight.

Chances are I'll start to watch something and pass out on the sofa watching it. Hmmm, works for me.