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Written at 9:10 a.m. on Thursday, May. 08, 2003

I must have done something right!

He came home late this morning...about ten minutes before I had to leave. He was lugging all of these bags of groceries. Man, I didnt even know he knew where the grocery store was.

He looked so proud of all the things he bought. It was so incredibly cute. I've always said that because he took care of his ex and the kids for so long, he's a very independent person. He actually is more often the "giver" than the "taker".

Which brings me to thinking I must've done something right. I was in the bedroom doing my little last minute things when he walked in there. Again, he had that proud look on his face. And he handed me a bag. He packed me a lunch today. Yes, you read that correctly...HE PACKED ME A LUNCH!

I've never had anyone, other than my mom, pack me a lunch...and that was like 1982. So yeah, it kinda surprised me a little. It was very thoughtful of him.

Its kind of ironic because this morning in the shower, where I do all of my best thinking (yeah, right), I was thinking about how he has been trying to put some effort in to things lately. Then I started thinking about how even though that may be true, his sleeping all night is starting to wear thin on me again.

When I went to leave this morning, he said Have a good day at work. Drive safely. I'm going to bed now so I will be awake at 5 when you get off. I hope that's true.

I did notice that there was some food set aside next to the stove. I'm going to assume its there because he wants that for dinner tonight. So hopefully he'll be awake.

I'm determined to beat him into the man I need him to be...or kill him trying.