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Wrap her up in a butterfly net, pin her down on a photograph album
Written at 9:19 a.m. on Friday, May. 09, 2003

I want to go home. I want to go home so badly, you dont even know.

I love fridays in the sense that I get a paycheck...and I dont have to come back tomorrow.

But I hate the fact that aunt/boss isnt here on fridays. Well, I dont neccessarily mind that she isnt here, its just that when she isnt here uncle/boss feels he needs to sit down here and keep me company. In other words, stand over me questioning every word I say or action that I do. Microscope anyone?

I hate that. I hate being second guessed. If I was always wrong, that would be okay. But he feels the need to tell me things not once, often not just twice, occasionally three times, but more commonly four times. DAMN!

And its gotten to the point that I've started just nodding my head while he talks and agreeing with everything that he says. But that only makes it worse, because he eventually walks away and then I think to myself What did he just say to me? It was probably something important. Oh well, if I can sweat it out long enough I'm sure he'll tell me again.

The sad part is...I still have 7 1/2 more hours to go here.

I was late this morning. Only by three minutes, but you'd have thought that an APB was put out on me. Oh you're here...just wanted to make sure you were here. I was sitting down here and you werent here yet. My GAWD, we're talking THREE minutes. I told him traffic on the freeway was bad. Which it so wasnt, but I didnt really find it appropriate to say Yeah, sorry I'm late...I was shagging my boyfriend, who by the way is ____ that used to work here, and time just got away from me.

Yeah, that wouldnt go over too well.

Although, that is typical of me just to get a reaction out of him. I'm all about the shock factor when it comes to my family. Maybe that's why I'm the black sheep. Hmm, never stopped to put two and two together.

Either way, if I squint my eyes just right...the venetian blinds in here kinda look like bars.