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Written at 10:15 p.m. on Sunday, May. 11, 2003

I had yet another amazing weekend.

He didnt work saturday night so we pretty much had the entire weekend to play with. I pretty much let him sleep the day away while I ran out doing errands and stuff.

This morning, we got up really early...5 am. Gettting up that early when you dont have to, is just insane. So we went and grabbed breakfast. During breakfast, he mentioned that he wanted to go to a bookstore to get a book. I suggested we go to the beach.

At first, he didnt seem too thrilled with the idea, but he decided to appease me and go. So we drove down to Laguna Beach and sat at Heisler Park. We walked around for a bit. It was so nice. The weather couldnt have been more perfect.

I really do miss living down there.

After the beach, we headed off to the bookstore. I ended up getting two about astrology and one about MS. He bought one book...some book on speaking Spanish. Dont ask me why.

I think he's getting too into this whole learning Spanish thing. He mentioned again about us taking Spanish classes next semester. Then the book. And when we got home, I walked in on him watching the Mexicali tv station. And I know he didnt understand what they were talking about.

Again, more laughs than anything this weekend. We really had fun.

I really didnt think he was going to keep up the effort for very long. But, yet again, he's proven me wrong. Its the one time I wanted to prove myself wrong.

It was so cute. When we were at the bookstore, he walked over to me and said You're a virgo, right? After I nodded yes, I asked him why. He said he had been over on the other side reading some Astrology book. I kinda just shrugged it off.

Later on when we were in the coffee shop, we were sitting at the table and he told me that he bought something for me. He opened his bag and pulled out this cute little teady bear bookmark. But the cute part about it is that it said Virgo on the bear's chest with the Virgo symbol.

Its those cute little things he does like that that just make me melt. They make me glad that I toughed it out and didnt give up the hundred and one times that I wanted to. He just needed to be put through Boyfriend Boot Camp.

The only problem with having a fun weekend is that it flies by that much faster. I'm not ready for tomorrow to be Monday already.