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Put your hands on me...put 'em on, put 'em on, put 'em on me
Written at 12:50 p.m. on Thursday, May. 15, 2003

Wanna hear the best part of my day so far? No? Well, I'm gonna tell you anyway.

Two things...

One, "MrZingers" hasnt left yet. He had so many things to finish up by last night that just didnt get done, so he's leaving tomorrow. I think he's coming over tonight to drop off a couch that I'm going to put in the extra (eh hem!) bedroom.

Two, one of my customers called me this morning. He asked me if I was still interested in getting a massage. Where do I sign up for this at? Of course I'm still interested.

The way that he explained this massage a few weeks ago sounded too good to be true. Someone, pinch me. He basically said that he lays out the table and spends a few hours on getting in tune with your body. The best part? Its free. Gotta love when that happens.

He had asked me if I wanted to come tonight. I would love to, but I have to leave that open for "MrZingers". Also, tonight is shot night. So we planned it for next thursday.

I really like this customer. He's so nice. He was also mentioning this place, not too far from here, to go to that's very relaxing. I thought it was along the lines of a day spa, but five minutes into the conversation I found out...its a nudist colony kinda place.

Now, I'm not being shy or modest when I say this, but...I know I wouldnt want to see me naked. And I'm pretty sure that if I wouldnt want to see me naked, no one else is going to want to either. It may be the one time they turn someone away for fear of scaring the little children and the elderly. Do they even have little children and elderly people at these kinds of places?

Hmmm. Besides, I dont think I'd have enough courage to walk around naked showing my stuff to everyone. Some things are better left to the imagination. In my case, its not just best, its highly recommended. But you never know, I may wake up one saturday morning and think Gee, I'm bored and my day is wide open. What should I do? Hmmm, I think I'll check out that nudist place. Its possible...but highly unlikely.

But I'll still take that massage, please.