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I met a girl who kept tattoos for homes that she had loved, if I were her I'd paint my body til all my skin was gone
Written at 2:27 p.m. on Thursday, May. 22, 2003

When I said in that last entry that I was taking my posse with me, I had no idea it would turn into an audience. Should I charge an admittance fee.

I might hand out popcorn and a program. DAMN! What started out as a girls' thing between "MsAngelic" and I has become a party of six. "Ms2inchman" and her boyfriend, now "MsTornado" wants to bring one of her boyfriends.

And the worst part is, I still cant decide on what I want and where I'm gonna put it. I've got to live with this for the rest of my life so I want it to be something I wont tire of after a week.