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People are strange, when you're a stranger
Written at 9:43 a.m. on Thursday, May. 22, 2003

Every day is a new chance to turn it all around

I called my mother this morning. Its amazing the senses that this woman has. As soon as I said hello, she asked what was wrong. I told her nothing...she told me not to lie.

I'm still a little kid at heart. I dont think I'll ever out grow the need to run to my mom when the world is too much for me to carry. And she never fails to help me carry some of it.

I told her about the tattoo idea. I couldnt find a card or letter this morning, so I asked her to fax it to me.

So I'm determined to do it and not chicken out. I'm taking a posse with me so I wont. "MsAngelic", "MsTornado" and even "Ms2inchman" and her boyfriend want to meet me there. I had to take my friend "MsDigIt" with me when I got my nose pierced just so I wouldnt back out. I'm a chicken like that.

So last NOT what I expected!

I arrived about 10 minutes late, because over the years it seems I've misplaced my sense of direction. If found, please return.

I got there and there were a few people still in the store. They were very interesting people, but wonderfully nice nonetheless. One of the guys I was talking to looked like a younger, shorter, thinner, dark haired Jerry Garcia. But he was the nicest one out of all of them. I got his number and he's going to do an astrological chart and reading for me.

Now about that massage...very different than any massage I've ever had before.

I went into this back room where candles were lit, incense was flowing and nice music was playing. He asked me to take my clothes off and lie face down under the blanket. Now, I've had massages before and they've never required me to take off all of my clothes.

But I figured I would be under the blanket, so there's no problem there...huh? I'm naive like that, too.

Dont get me wrong, it wasnt a bad massage or anything. Its just that when I was told it was a full body massage, I didnt really expect it to be full body, ya know. I dont think there was one spot of my body that wasnt touched.

Then afterwards, he made some comment like You are a very attractive woman and You have alot of sexual energy. I am woman, here me roar. Grrr!

I dont feel weird about it, I had just never had that happen before. So dont slap me if I ever choose to go back again.

I'm also querky like that, too.