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That's what friends are for...keep smiling, keep shining knowing you can always count on me
Written at 12:43 p.m. on Monday, Jun. 02, 2003

I know I've updated like 5 times today, but if it prevents me from cracking at the seams, then I'll be updating every hour.

I keep thinking about something that "MrRedemption" said to me last night when we were talking.

He's a dancer/musician...and he's great. And I'm not just saying that. But when we were talking last night he was telling me that he's trying to get back into his music. Then he said something that just made me want to cry.

You are one of the reasons that I've tried to keep going forward with my music. Because you believed in me when I didnt believe in myself.

Even sitting here now, I want to cry. As if I havent wanted to cry all damn day. I feel so emotional right now, like a pregnant woman that's run out of her favorite Ben & Jerry's flavor and cant get more.

But my point to all of this just never know when you've touched someone or made a difference in their life. I had no idea that my encouragement meant so much to him. He's very talented and I just wanted him to know exactly how talented he is.

Thinking about that puts a smile on my face. Makes me feel like I can make a difference to someone, even if I cant make a difference to myself. And he doesnt realize that right now he's making a difference to me.

Oh, I want to remember to thank Jo and Melody for keeping me company yesterday by chatting online. Thanks, guys!