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Written at 2:33 p.m. on Wednesday, Jun. 04, 2003

Further proving that my family is the fact that my cousin just added a new member to her family.

A hedgehog!

And this isnt like "Adopt an Ethopian child and send us $15 a month so that we can take care of it and allow you think its yours all the while you'll never see little Renu" kinda thing. No, this thing lives inside of her house.

Now dont get me wrong, I've seen "Hedgie"'s picture and Hedgie is adorable. But something tells me that Hedgie isnt exactly something I'd want to cuddle up with. She cant even pick him up without gloves on. Shouldnt pets be something that Play with? I dont think they're supposed to be something with quills that stick you.

I think she's been living up in the mountains a little too long.

Reminds me of my aunt Betty (my grandmother's sister) that lives in Pennsylvania. She has an apple orchard and lives in the middle of nowhere. She used to have a pet raccoon. And no, this isnt like "we have a pet raccoon that lives on our property and we go outside and feed it everyday" kinda having a raccoon. No, this thing would ride in the car with her and she took it places with her.

Now you know why I'm not so readily eager to admit I know these people, much less admit that I share a bloodline with them.