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And it feels just like I'm walking on broken glass
Written at 9:13 p.m. on Monday, Jun. 16, 2003

Wanna know how badly this day has sucked for me? Well, I'm gonna tell you anyway!

It sucked!!!

During my lunch, I ran to go pay some bills. My car started fine to get there. But when I came back out, it wouldnt start. There was a guy walking to his work truck so I asked him if he had jumper cables and if he could help me.

Him: What's wrong, ma'am?

Me: My battery is dead.

Him: Are you sure?

Me: Yeah, the battery is dead.

Him: Are you sure?

Me: Pretty damn.

Him: Well, let's have a look. Why dont you get in and try to start it.

(I get in my car and try to start it...wont start)

Him: Hmm, looks like your battery is dead.

Then when he tried to jump me (my car that is), he realized that his generator was out of gas. I thanked him for trying to help. Then, he drove off.

I didnt know what to do. I tried to call "MrBigdaddy" because for one, he has MY jumper cables and two, I didnt know who else to call. But, of answer. So I called one of the guys that I work with. He came, but about three minutes before he got there the guys in the work truck came back with their generator.

Anyway, after work my car still wouldnt start again. I got another jump from my co-worker and decided I was going to have to go somewhere tonight and get a new battery. I've never felt more like a little woman before.

The fun really started when I came home. Dumbass was sleeping...

Me: Hey can you do me a favor?

Him: No!

Me: Please I really need you to do this for me.

Him: No!

Me: Please, I need you to take me to get a battery for my car. Mine died today.

Him: Grrr! Fine, we'll leave in a few minutes.

So I waited 30 minutes before going back into the bedroom...

Me: I really hate to bother you, I wouldnt ask you if I didnt have to.

Him: Then why are you bothering me? Its not 8:30 yet.

Me: At 8:30 there wont be enough time left to get it done. Please, can we go soon.

Him: If you dont stop annoying me...I'm not going to take you at all. You're so fucking annoying. You're like a little kid that isnt getting its way. Now leave me alone.

Me: Do you remember how many times I've gotten up at 6 am to go pick you up in Huntington beach to bring you to work and take you back after work...and you cant take me right down the street.

So I did what any other girl would do...I went outside, sat on the porch crying and called "MsAngelic" to come get me. Its nice to know that I do have people to count on when I really need it. Its nice to know that friendship means something to some people.

It all worked out good though. She came and gave me a jump and I followed her to the auto place. While my car was being worked on, we went and have dinner across the street. "MsTornado" even came and joined us. It was nice. I like being out and around the girls.

When I came home, I could see his light on from the street. So I just parked my car and sat in it. He came out while I was sitting there...

Him: Well, isnt this perfect timing/

Me: Yeah, perfect isnt it?

Him: (mumbling something I couldnt understand while backing his car out and commenting on sound his car was making) This doesnt sound right, huh?

Me: Nope, not at all...and you better hope you dont need to take it in...because I'm not taking you!

And I walked away into the house. When I got in, I noticed right away that yet again all of his stuff has been put back into his room with the door closed. Hey, that's fine! This is me...not caring. He goes through these temper tantrums where he does that. He acts like a child and takes his toys and goes home with them.

I was talking to "MsMoHoney" tonight. She made me swear that if something goes wrong with his car, I absolutely would not take him to get it fixed. There's no worry about that happening. I'm not going to do it. In fact, tomorrow (or whenever I see him next) I'm going to be sure to set the record straight about things. First off, we are NOT together...contrary to what he thinks. He may cry this As long as we live together, you belong to me. but ummm, that's okay. Save your breath. Second, I'm so done with him. There's no way in hell that I want anything to do with him ever again. Pass! And lastly, being with him this long has made me realize that every day I spend with him, is another day I lose a little bit more respect for myself.

And what I'm saying now, just to recap on that last entry is...Go little away hard and fast. go quickly...before I break your other fucking wing!