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Get this party started on a saturday night...
Written at 8:29 a.m. on Friday, Jun. 20, 2003

Yesterday was absolutely fun. I really needed it.

I went with "MsMoHoney" and "MsSweetTooth" to...Ontario. No, that's not Ontario as in Canada...its Ontario as in the hood. If you want to get a visual of my night...go rent Friday. It was a little more mellow than the movie, but equally as fun.

We went to this guy's house that they know. The four of us sat in his bedroom just hanging out and playing with his dogs. He has three of the cutest Chihuahuas...Capt Morgan, Chiquita Banana and Buddy.

I was having a good time relaxing and having a few drinks. That was until "MrBigDaddy" called and became a total buzz-kill. Apparently, he has some (what I think to be) kidney infection. I basically just told him to go take a vicodin from my medicine chest, lay down and let me get back to my fun. He ended up taking the night off work because he was in so much pain. There was nothing I could really do for him...I was an hour away from home.

He could hear people talking in the background and asked me again if I was cheating on him. I cant get him to grasp the concept that its not cheating if the two people arent together. I didnt tell him where I really was, just that I was over at "MsMoHoney"'s house. He doesnt need to know where I'm at every second of the day. Effort, Smeffort...its a little too late for him to try to play the good boyfriend.

A little later on, "MsSweetTooth"'s brother came by to drop something off for her. He ended up hanging out with us for a little while. He's so incredibly nice and so very, very, very cute.

Well, no one told me until the drive home that he's interested in me. I wish I would have known before we all left. Not that it would've really made a difference. I am totally oblivious to stuff like that. Mostly I'm just taken aback. I didnt know how to respond to hearing that. I'm definitely flattered...and definitely interested.

Tomorrow night "MsMoHoney" is having a party at her house. The guy whose house we hung out at and "MsSweetTooth"'s brother were both invited and coming. It should be alot of fun.

The only thing that's not alot of fun right now is my body. I'm not sure what's going on there. Last night while we were out, I started getting really bad numbness in my hands, upper arm and little spots on my chest.

I hate this. I'm going tomorrow regardless of how I feel. It would just be nicer if I was feeling good. But who knows, this disease is so by tomorrow night I might be feeling in tip-top shape again. Tomorrow during the day, I'm definitely hitting the gym.

This weekend should be alot of fun. I cant stress enough how much I really needed all of this. I had been feeling so down about myself this past week, that all of this couldnt have come at a better time. This was definitely the boost that I needed.