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Uh oh, its magic...
Written at 11:07 p.m. on Monday, Jun. 23, 2003

Everything's gonna be alright...

My massage appointment was cancelled tonight. In a way, I was really looking forward to going and being pampered...but what ended up coming out of this night was a million times better.

I came home tonight with the mindset that I wasnt going to allow him to ruin my mood. And I didnt. Although, predictably I came home to a spotless house. See, that's what happens...we argue and I start to pull away and he then decides to put a little effort into things. Ever heard of TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE?

Because I now had my night open, I made a call that I should have made a month ago. Ya see, when I had that last massage appointment, I started talking to a guy I met there who gave me his number. First, it isnt like that. We were talking about astrology charts and I told him that I wanted one done. So tonight I called him and we met for coffee.

We met at the coffeehouse near my house. He was so nice and comfortable to be around. He smelled of patchouli and just had a golden aura surrounding him. Just a person you want to sit down with for hours and talk to. I had only had one prior conversation with him yet somehow I felt like I had known him for years. It was so easy to talk openly and honestly to him.

What he told me really opened my eyes. I'm not going to bore you with the little details, but basically he told me that I need to let him go. But we already knew that, didnt we? He also told me that I have alot of male friends (which I do) and that's part of the problem. Because then I get set aside in that "friend" catagory. He also said that I'm a risk taker and tend to fly too close to the sun and boomerang around to catch speed. And also that I like to open Pandora's box regardless of the outcomes. He also said that I have an occult-like magic to me. I know that could sound like a million different people, but it was the little specifics that were so dead on.

As we were leaving, he told me he was going to take my chart sometime this week and elaborate on it. He told me to call him friday so we could arrange to get together on saturday.

One of the things I hadnt thought about which made so much sense to me was a note that Desiree left me. She said If she was "the one" for him, they would have been able to work through whatever issues drove them apart in the first place. How right you are, Des. I never thought about that. That's remedial people for you. What's remedial mean? RETARDED!

I never explained what happened saturday night. "MsMoHoney" ended up not having a party afterall. Almost everyone backed out at the last minute. For most of them, it was too far a drive. For the guy I was telling you about, "MsSweetTooth"'s brother, he couldnt get time off work for it. So I made it a point today to let "MsMoHoney" know that its imperative that my telephone number get passed on to him. I would really like to see him again.

I'm determined to change course here. I'm taking the stern and my god as long as the boat is still afloat and I have a star to follow...I'm going to forge ahead. I may not dock at the prettiest of shores, but I will dock somewhere. I will make it there. Its time I put my destiny in my own hands instead of just waiting for things to happen and fall into place. (I'm starting to see that light at the end of the tunnel *wink*)