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Written at 2:53 p.m. on Friday, Jun. 27, 2003

I had been walking around all morning feeling *blah*. There was no real reason for it...I just was. In case you hadnt noticed, when things arent going my way, I tend to whine and sulk a little.

Well, I hadnt heard from "MsSweetTooth"'s brother, because I'm an idiot and completely forgot to exchange numbers with him the last two times I've seen him. I've been asking her to pass it on, but something keeps it from happening. So today I had to cut out the middle man and get his number from her and call him.

We talked for about 15-20 minutes during my lunch. He asked if I had a good time the other night. I cant even begin to explain how much fun I had.

Its almost as if I've received a shot of testosterone and have finally grown the balls (so to speak) to be forward. Whereas before I would wait for the guy to be the dominant one and I would never be the one to call them first. I stepped up to the plate and asked him if he wanted to come down sunday and go to the beach with me. He said yes.

Now that funky mood I was in earlier has lifted and things are good.

During our conversation he was talking about his ex-wife and kids...pretty much the entire situation. I know the time is going to come where I have to explain my living situation. I dont know how to put it in terms where it doesnt sound as bad as it really is. Yeah, I live with my ex-boyfriend...there's no relationship between us, we sleep in seperate rooms and there is no physical contact at all. Well, once you say it aloud, it doesnt sound so bad afterall.

I feel really good. I'm not harboring the anger that I was for a while there. I've let it all go. I got a tarot reading yesterday and it was really good. It said that this was going to be an important time in my life. A time of rebirth, growth and new beginnings. I hope that's true. I'm actually looking ahead with anticipation instead of horror. That has to be a good thing and count for something, right? My magic eight ball says all signs point to yes.

So I'm really looking forward to seeing him again, it should be alot of fun. (Crosses fingers) Wish me luck!


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