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Whereever you go, whatever you do...I will be right here waiting for you
Written at 7:47 p.m. on Thursday, Jun. 26, 2003

I heard the sweetest thing this afternoon.

After work I went over to "MsMoHoney"'s house. She was reading us a chapter of a book that she's writing. "MsSweetTooth"'s boyfriend started talking about a book that he wants to write. See, "MsSweetTooth" and her boyfriend have an interesting history.

They've been together since they were young kids. They ended up getting pregnant and having a daughter when they were both very, very young. They stayed together for a while after that, then somewhere along the line ended up going seperate ways. They each married and ended up getting divorced. Sometime later (years and years, I think), they ended up getting back together. My point to all of this is, he wants to write a book about it. About their lives seperately with different people and then ending up together in the end.

I think that is so very incredibly sweet and romantic. Imagine that. Going through all of those obstacles and eventually ending up with each other again...and being loved so much that he wants to write a story about your love. That blows me away.

You should see the way that they look at each other. Look right into each other's soul. Now those two...they belong together. They are connected in a way that you can only dream about.

God, I hope its a family characteristic and it was passed onto her brother. If I even get a fraction of what she has, I'll be happy.