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Because I'm on your side and I still care, I may have died but I've gone no where...just think of me and I'll be there
Written at 4:17 p.m. on Tuesday, Jul. 01, 2003

I was reading an entry that "MsAngelic" had just posted and it just took me back to a certain place and date.

In the winter of 1990, I had three friends die within a four month period. They were all very seperate incidents. It was the first time I had ever really had someone I'd known die.

In January of 1991, a very good neighbor boy (a few years older than me-me being in 10th grade at the time) had gotten himself in some trouble with the law. He had been arrested after hiding out for a long time. When he was finally apprehended and taken to jail...he hung himself. He had managed to survive the hanging, but it left him brain dead until his mother finally had to pull the plug on him. I still think about that from time to time. So many times I wanted to go up to her and tell her how sorry I was and that I loved him too.

Around December 1990 (a month before), my friend Steve had been out riding his motorcycle and took it head on into a tree in someone's front yard.

In October 1990, my friend Jenny and three of her friends had been driving the back roads where we lived and her car went into a tree killing her and two other passangers. Only one person survived. It had later been brought to light that the driver had been drinking and Jenny died pleading with the driver to slow down and let everyone out of the car. He only went faster every time she begged.

Four months before that Jenny had been involved in another accident where she was the passanger in a car that hit a little boy playing in his front yard. One night when Jenny and I were out walking the neighborhood late at night she told me that she had wished it were her that died instead. She also told me that night that somehow she knew she was going to die in a car accident...although no one knew it would only be a few months later.

I had all the newspaper clippings about all three people. But I think when I left Maryland, my mother lost them. I tried to search old Baltimore Sun archives, but they only gave me the first paragraph on them. You have to pay to read the whole thing. I guess that's something to keep me busy later.

I still think about each one of them and miss them still.