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Pour some sugar on me, C'mon fire me up
Written at 12:37 p.m. on Wednesday, Jul. 02, 2003

I think I'm slipping into a sugar induced coma. I've been so good all week too. Then they had to come in here today with their cupcakes and cookies and apple pies and ice creams. The only health food here was strawberries, bananas and apples...and even all of them have too much sugar in them.

Anyone who knows me knows that I dont like chocolate. I hate it! I know, its sacrilegious...and unwomanly at best. I dont know, maybe I had a bad Halloween or Easter one year and swore off chocolate for all the years to come. Just the thought of it makes me sick.

So I weighed myself this morning and it said 5 lbs less than it did last weekend. That makes 68 lbs total. Granted its taken me two years to get here. I need to keep going with this. I need to get my ass to the gym if, ands or buts about it. I also feel alot better after working out.

I'm also thinking tonight I'm going to stay in instead of going to "Cheers" and clean house. I have so much laundry to do, its literally taking over my closet. And dishes...there's none clean. The kitchen looks like a total mess.

There's a couple of books I want to start reading, so I may start on one tonight. I'm thinking about joining a book club. Or something that takes up a considerable amount of time and will keep me busy. Hobbies are the goal right now. The less time I have to stop, think and analyze...the better it all will be.

I'm feeling: sugar coated

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