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On the pillow where I'll weep...I'm afraid to sleep
Written at 9:07 a.m. on Tuesday, Jul. 08, 2003

Dear Tracey,

Here is your horoscope

for Tuesday, July 8:

Ask what no one is telling. Analysis is a vibrant, organic process. Tour the landscape for clues that mean something. A good physical workout stimulates new brain paths.

That's just what I did last night, too. I went to the gym. "MrGIjoe" and I decided spur of the moment to go the gym last night. He acted as my personal trainer. He warned me that I'd be hurting today, I just didnt think it would be in areas that I didnt even work on. I just want to go back to bed and not move a muscle. But, we're gonna do it all over again tonight.

Speaking of going back to bed. If I am disturbed during my last hour of sleep one more morning...I'm tossing his ass a cot and making the laundry room his bedroom. And it wouldnt be so bad if he just accidentally woke me up, but he's doing this shit intentionally. I mentioned to him this morning how when he's sleeping, I tiptoe around the house. I will go out of my way to be quiet, shut the bedroom door and keep the tv down. Its called courtesy...I'll try teaching him. Old dogs, though.

Oh, I also had another little surprise wake up at 3:30 am this morning. I was sound asleep and I'm not even sure how I heard this, but my cell phone was ringing in my purse. Half asleep I went rummaging through my purse to find it. When I finally got to it, it said 1 missed call. So I checked to see who it was..."MrCuriousGeorge". 3:30 am! What would he want at 3:30 am? I mean, I know why people call other people at 3:30 am, but its unlike him to do that. I tried to call him back but I just got his voicemail.

So tonight my plan is to go home and make dinner for my men (I so feel like the queen of my palace right now) and then go to the gym. I'm planning on getting home early and going to bed...and I'm turning off all phones.


I'm feeling: tired because people keep waking me up

Listening to: 32 Flavors-Ani DiFranco (on the break up songs channel on Spinner)