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Everyday is winding road...I get a little bit closer
Written at 12:58 p.m. on Wednesday, Jul. 16, 2003

I started feeling very nostalgic this afternoon. I started thinking back to summers when you're a kid and how the days are just filled with fun stuff...not paperwork and phone calls like it is for me now.

I thought about my summers at Camp . Those were some great times. We would sleep in these log cabins, maybe 12 to a cabin. The days were spent with archery, riflery, arts and crafts, horseback riding...stuff like that. Nights were spent sitting around campfires or going on hayrides through the countyside.

I absolutely loved the drive there. Trees for miles. Driving along the secluded one lane roads. The cobblestone houses that sat back off the roads. It was breathtakingly beautiful. Everything was so green and alive. Very different than it is here in California.

Every year I'd get the same horse, Comanche. He was a beautiful Palamino horse. He always wanted to go a little faster than the rest of the pack, but he never threw me that has to count for something.

I had so much fun spending my summers there. I met some great people there. My first summer there, I met a girl named Patty. She was a month and a day older than me. We became best friends...even after camp ended. We planned our summers so that we would be going back to camp at the same times.

We would tell people that we were sisters. One summer we both had boyfriends (Steve and Doug) and they were best friends. We would sneak out of the cabin at night and go sit at the lake. I never got caught, Patty did.

Patty and I stayed very close for years. She lived 30 mins away and every weekend we'd be together...either her house or mine. My parents loved having her around...she was like the sibling I never had. When my father died, she showed up for the funeral. I dont know how she knew, but she did.

We've long since lost touch with each other. And I dont know if I would even know how to track her down. I still remember her telephone number. Almost 15 yrs later and I can still remember it. That's scary, I can tell you our boyfriends' names and her telephone nuber from 15 yrs ago...but I cant tell you what I had for dinner last night.

I dont know if I have balls enough to call it. Or even if she'd have the same phone number after all this time. But, maybe...get a few drinks in me and you never know. It would be so nice to hear her voice again. See where she's gone in life. We'll see...

But, ahh, those were some good times. To be that age go back and re-live those times. Or even to remember them more clearly than I do now would be magic enough.

Sing the RVR we're riding along...over river and dale to the end of the trail...sing the RVR song

(why is it I can remember that song?)


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