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Take me out to the ballgame...
Written at 11:31 a.m. on Monday, Jul. 21, 2003

Can someone kick me in the pants...NOW!

The "hottie website guy" just stopped by to drop off something for my boss. We always spend a good 20 mins chit-chatting before I announce that he's here. We were talking about produce and fruit markets. He wrote down the address of an organic place near my house.

So he went up, did his business and came back down. When he came down, he noticed two Angel's game tickets that I have on my desk. I explained that I dont remember how I got them, they were just sent in the mail to me. They're for Sept 22nd. He said that I should go and have fun...for "our" birthday.

I always forget that we have the same birthday. September 12th. Man, what wouldnt give to take him. He is so nice and sweet. And we have so much in common. But, that's "Shy Tracey" for ya! Can never make that first step. Always waiting for someone else to do it...hence, the always waiting part.

I suck!