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Written at 3:58 p.m. on Wednesday, Jul. 23, 2003

It was the cutest thing. That little girl...the one from the other day...the one that hums while she works...well, she has got to be without a doubt the cutest little thing that there ever was.

She came back into my office this morning to help with little odds and ends. Both her grandmother and mother work here...she just pretty much hangs around and keeps us (mostly ME) company. When she came in this morning, she brought with her cookies. She was so proud of them. As well she should be...they were the best cookies.

When she went to leave this afternoon, she came down to say goodbye and she handed me a piece of paper. It was a card that she had made...for me! I dont know what I did to deserve this. On the front it has a picture of a cat and a dog sitting in between two trees. When you open it up, it says Dear Tracey, Thanks for being my friend and thanks for calling me cutie. You're the best! Love, Sofia

I just love the innocence and sincerity that comes with children. That they come with so many open doors. They're pure at heart and honest...even though sometimes brutally. The world is brand new to them and every day is something extraordinary.

I'm sure the feeling isnt even close, but I think I understand how parents feel when their children give them something that they've made. They give from the heart and take such pride in what they makes. Because, we, as adults give presents and gifts that one, dont require much thought behind it...and two, that we buy because for some reason we've outgrown making them instead. I still have a potpourri light-thingie that "MsMoHoney" made me years ago.

That made my day!