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I hope you've had the time of your life...
Written at 9:05 p.m. on Sunday, Jul. 27, 2003

I have had the best damn weekend. And considering I had five different sets of plans today that one way or another all got cancelled, its still been a great weekend.

Friday night, "MrZingers" flew back into town for the weekend. Although, I didnt see him until Saturday night when he and "MrMeatloaf" met me at Rudy's diner in Laguna Beach.

We met there and had a quick dinner. "MrZingers" wasnt feeling well so the three of us decided to go back to his hotel room and hang out there. I didnt think it was going to be alot of fun, but it was a total blast. We sat talking for hours about all kinds of things. It was 6 am when I finally got up and headed home.

I got home and passed out on the sofa. I was still fully dressed with shoes on when "MrBigDaddy" got home. He walked in the house Are we just getting home? I loved it! I could just see in his face how bothered he was by it. A little later on, he said How is your boyfriend, Anthony, doing? assuming that was where I was at last night. Then it dawned on me that he pulled that name off of the outgoing list of calls on my cell phone. What he was doing in my cell phone, I dont know.

So instead of following through with anything today, I've managed to sleep the entire day away. I was supposed to meet a friend of mine at the Spectrum for lunch, but she had to call and cancel on me. I cant say I was too hurt by it, I just wanted to sleep. Then, I was supposed to meet up with "MrZingers" at 4 for "MrMeatloaf"'s birthday party, but that got called off. Again, not too hurt by it. Then, I was supposed to go with "MrGIjoe" to a neighbor's BBQ. I figured that it wasnt a big deal and I wasnt really expected to go, so I didnt. "MsMoHoney" called to see if I wanted to go to the movies with her. I told her to let me sleep an hour, then we'd go. Instead, an hour later, I flaked on her. I just couldnt keep my eyes open.

About 20 mins ago, "MrZingers" called me. I'm supposed to meet them at Main street, but I am just too exhausted to go. I feel bad because he flies out tomorrow to go home. But, I'm just not up to going. I want to spend my night sitting in front of the tv going in and out of consciousness. Sounds like an ideal sunday night to me.

I just really needed this weekend. I needed to go out and have a good time. Be amongst friends and have a lot of laughs. And that's just what I did.