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I wonder how its gonna be...when you dont know me...I wonder how its gonna be when you're not around
Written at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 24, 2003

So alot has happened over the course of time since I last updated.

I went to lunch with a co-worker to get Chinese food. My fortune cookie said You will find full contentment by summer's end. Little did I know, that day was the last day of summer.

But I have found contentment. Much! I have a job I love, working with people that I simply adore. And things are still looking up all the time.

"MrBigDaddy" is (as always) the lagging component here. He decided to take a shop for work and store (what he said was) some of his stuff. Little did I know, SOME would consist of it all. And the worst part is, every day while I drive home, I secretly wish he wont be there at all and everything will be gone. Well, considering that there's not much left, it might happen.

He swears that he's not leaveing, but I dont think I'd be that upset if he did. Is that sad?

I finally, officially got assigned my magazine. Equine titles. I'm excited. The people there are really welcoming me with open arms. I dont even slightly miss my old job. Crazy, insane, schizophrenic slave-drivers!

I'm trying to think of anything else exciting that's happened. I know it will come to me as soon as I get up and walk away. But this is all I can come up with...and besides, I think the business center is going to lock up and kick me out any minute.