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Written at 12:17 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 30, 2003

Most people would be happy to have a half day off work...NOT ME!

This morning started off fine. I went in to work with a million things piled onto my plate for the day. Four hours later, with no a ONE thing done, I was leaving for the day.

It seems our computers at work have been infected with a pretty nasty virus which made us all uncapable of doing any work. I basically spend my entire day on the computer and without it, there is nothing for me to do.

This morning my supervisor came up to me and said that he wanted to speak to me. My first thought was Oh shit, what did I do? Am I in trouble? But instead he asked me if I could take on one more magazine. He said the choice was mine, but how do you say no when you're so new at the job? Answer...YOU DONT! So I've now taken on one more magazine (now totalling three)...I have one magazine that closed yesterday, I have one more closing friday and I have no idea when the third one is...and now I've lost four hours from today that I sure could've used to figure it all out.

But I still love this job. I loved that my supervisor came to me and asked me if I could handle one more instead of just dumping the magazine on me. And my reps...still the coolest people in the world to me. My job is to take care of them, but they take care of me more.

I still have this empending stressful feeling weighing on my chest. And I dont know why? I guess I'm just not used to not having a million and one things going wrong at one time. I should enjoy the time off today and just breathe, but I cant. For some reason, stress-free just isnt me.

Things at home are at least stagnant for now. No major ups and downs there...(crossing fingers). So no complaints from me. Yesterday he got mad at me for yelling at him. Well sometimes he acts like a FOUR YEAR OLD...and he sulks just like one too. Lets see, when you're eating ice cream and you spit a piece of fudge onto your spoon and try to put it in my bowl and I move my bowl too fast to avoid you doing that and my hand bounces off of the flying piece of fudge sending it across the room...I'm gonna yell at you and say YOU PLAY TOO MUCH! Now go take a time out!

Yeah, that's been the most exciting things to happen to me all week. Its only Tuesday so there's still hope that it'll pick up any time now.