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A whole new world
Written at 2:31 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 02, 2004

Another year...has come and gone.

Its been a funny little year 2003. I'm not hurt in the least to see it go. Its like an annoying houseguest...nice to see, but even better when they leave.

So, my New Year's resolutions:

1. Go the gym EVERY day! I've been saying that forever, but I'm gonna force myself to stick to it.

2. Quit smoking. I've been saying that for a while too. This time, for my health, I'm gonna stick to it.

3. Go back to school. There's no reason for me not to. The only reason I havent before is that all the classes I need are day classes. Therefore, since I can pretty much make my own hours at work...I have no excuse.

4. To make 2004 better than 2003!

That's about it!

Not too much going on with me lately. More ups than that has to count for something. I have the next three days off work. I've been taking advantage of that too. Today I took my car into the dealership for some repairs. I didnt know half the battle would be getting there. I'm not very good with directions...especially when they entail the freeway out here. I was supposed to take the 55 South, but instead got on the 55 North. Which meant I had to get off on the next exit and turn around. By the way, this was the point where my gas light came on, so it was kinda a good thing. Then upon leaving the dealership I was supposed to get on the 55 North (DUH, Tracey!) but got on the 55 South. Wrong way...AGAIN! Which meant I had to go up another exit and turn around. It was like National Lampoon's European Vacation...Look kids...Big Ben...Parliment. I'm too blonde sometimes.

My big accomplishment out of anything came last night. I'm so very proud of myself. I was finally able to give my shot to myself. It was scary, but I did it. Granted, I poked myself in the leg three times, but the point is I DID IT! And it wasnt as bad as I thought it was going to be. I finally got to the point where I started thinking to myself If I'm ever going to have control over this disease, I'm going to have to have total control. And that means being able to take care of myself in every aspect. SO yeah, there's another resolution...LOSE FEAR...TAKE CONTROL!

Oh, before I forget...Theresa...I got your message from my yahoo messenger that you wanted to add me to your list, but when I went to accept it, it blanked out. So, could you add me again, because I wasnt able to get your screen name before it blanked, and I promise I wont do that again.