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Written at 9:59 a.m. on Friday, Feb. 20, 2004

Still here...

I've been having the most amazing week. Someone has really lit a fire under him. We've been getting out and doing more this week than we have in the last year. Its been great!

Last night we went over to one of my co-worker's house. There were about 7 of us total and we all just hung out. It was really nice. Before we went over to her house, we had gone to dinner at the harbor. The water was so nice and the sunset was gorgeous.

I had spent so much time in this awkward place unsure of how he felt and questioning the validity of my feeling towards him. I've let that all go and we get along a million times better now. The biggest part of it all was figuring out who I was and accepting that. The struggle with myself has lessened and I feel better overall.

My job has been going GREAT! I love it here. I've been given a larger workload, but I'm going to assume that's because they have faith in me and really like my work. I have five magazines now (which my name appears in all of them!) and I'm very proud of my work. The people here are great...I'm actually happy to get up and go to work in the mornings and kinda sad to go home in the evenings. I laugh all day long. I just didnt have this at my other job.

Sooooo...on a scale from's a 12!