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Written at 4:50 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 26, 2004

Its been a long time since I've updated. I have so much to tell that I dont know where to start.

First...I quit my job. I left to take a job formerly occpupied by Angel. She left to take a job formerly occupied by Windy (who is on maternity leave). Its taken some time to get used to it, but its all good. I really miss the people I worked with. I stopped over there today on my lunch.

Everything is so chaotic in my life right now. I can barely come up for air long enough to catch my breath...then another wave topples me. I think next month I am going to go to Seattle to visit family. Even for a weekend...I need it.

I just want to sleep all the time. If I didnt have to get out bed, I wouldnt.

I think something is going on with my roommate, and I'm not sure what. I havent seen her for two weeks. She just goes into her room, shuts the door an d watches tv. Normally, I wouldnt mind it...but lately its become a little disconcerning. I'm worried about her. Its just not like her.

I gotta get ready to run, as always! Longer entry latedr..promise.